The strategic investment arm of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank in fintech, technology and impact companies

About Finstart

Finstart Nordic was established in 2018 by SpareBank 1 SR-Banks, as the strategic investment arm in fintech, technology, and impact companies.

Finstart is a 100% owned subsidiary of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank ASA based in Oslo and Stavanger, integrated in terms of operations and distribution possibilities.

We strive to be valuable, resourceful and active partners to the companies we are engaged with.

Investment Mandate

Our mandate is to invest in fintech, technology and impact companies that could improve or extend the existing value chains in SR-Bank as a full service financial institution. A prerequisite for making investments is to identify strong synergies with SR-Bank as a Corporate, and that both parties find a partnership meaningful.

We are a corporate venture company operating in seed and early-stage growth, with the opportunity to follow on through growth stage. Our ticket size, per round, is normally between NOK 2-10 million.

Our contribution to growth and scale is being an active investor and to create synergies with SR-Bank or our wider ecosystem, without any limitations for future growth for you as a start-up/growth company.


Here is an overview of the companies we have ownership in.


A highly efficient team based in Oslo and Stavanger, backed by industry and domain specialist in SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

Vidar Aksland


Christopher Hjelseth

Director Investments and Portfolio Development