Meet our new Venture Partner – Trond Eriksen


The goal of Finstart Nordic is to create the tomorrow of financial services. In our Lab, we identify new opportunities and build ventures to match these. As of February 1st, Trond Eriksen is joining our team as our new Venture Partner. In this role, he will lead the strategy and development work and will be in charge of deciding which ventures we take to market.

A seasoned entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur within fintech, Trond has the necessary skill-set and experience to succeed in this role. He has worked with finance and insurance since 2003 and has founded several companies specializing in distributing financial products such as pension and insurance. In 2016, Trond founded the all-digital bank, BRAbank, where he stayed in a board position until the company was converted to an ASA in 2017. Over the last two years, Trond has developed the concept of Duo Insurance. Duo provides insurance seamlessly into different customer journeys by using state-of-the-art technology. “By joining Finstart I get access to expertise and resources to establish new and exciting ventures in an industry I know well” explains Trond.

Always have a plan B and C

In order to be a successful venture builder, stamina is vital, everyone who has tried to start a venture knows that success rarely happens overnight. Behind every success story, you find dedicated entrepreneurs who never lost their spirit and were able to make it against the odds. Trond is one of these people, he understands what is necessary, and he doesn’t give up. “My expertise is making things happen. The key to success is to turn negative to positive and to always understand the risk in order to have a plan B and C ready at all times” Trond states.

A valuable addition to the Lab

Cathrine Movold, Head of Product and Lab, is happy to welcome Trond to the team. “He brings extensive experience and an opportunistic mindset that will be of great importance for the success of our ventures. We have already drawn upon his experience in our current projects and I am looking forward to seeing which innovative solutions Trond will help develop in the future” Cathrine explains.

Trond already has several ideas on market opportunities he wishes to pursue as a venture partner, “I hope to be able to contribute in multiple areas, and I am certain we will be able to make exciting and innovative ventures emerge from the lab going forward,” Trond says with eager. 

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About the author

Heidi is the Marketing Coordinator at Finstart Nordic where she works with content creation and marketing activities.