Introducing: CFO as a Service

CFO Haakon Klem and Linda - Photo

At Finstart Nordic we are very ambitious about the success of our portfolio companies. In addition to offering co-working space in downtown Oslo, we also aspire to provide services and help to the companies where it is needed to assure they experience the growth they deserve. We are very happy to announce our first new service in 2020; CFO-as-a-Service

As of January, we have been joined in our office by Linda Christin Hoff and Haakon Klem who are employed by SR-Regnskap, the financial branch of Sparebank 1 SR-Bank. They are both seasoned CFOs with tons of valuable and relevant experience. 

CFO-as-a-service will be available on flexible contracts to all Finstart portfolio companies and Haakon and Linda have already started working for Monner, Beaufort Solutions and Finstart Nordic. SR-Bank and Finstart Nordic aim to expand this service along with our portfolio, and the plan is to hire even more CFOs when the time is right.

Why do startups need a CFO?

Running a startup is rewarding, but challenging. A CFO can help the management team resolve typical financial challenges such as cashflow issues, raising capital, reporting, navigating tight margins, implementing more efficient systems or preparing for growth. 

As all of our portfolio companies have major growth ambitions, this service could be important for their successes. Linda and Haakon are eager to help the startups achieve success and profitability by providing financial strategies to grow their businesses as well as facilitating and interpreting financial reporting if necessary. They can also help with budgeting, making cost cuts and short- and long term forecasting.

“We are looking forward to diving into all of these impressive companies and help them facilitate for the growth they deserve” CFO Haakon states.

Bright future ahead

“By providing access to top-class financial services on a part-time basis, the chances for our portfolio companies to grow and succeed has increased. I am excited to see how fast we will be able to see the improvements in the financial structure of each company using this service” explains CEO of Finstart Nordic, David Baum.

About the author

Heidi is the Marketing Coordinator at Finstart Nordic where she works with content creation and marketing activities.