Hacking the Crisis – Globally


On March 27th – 29th, the Norwegian edition of Hack The Crisis took place. Hack The Crisis is an online hackathon dedicated to finding solutions to the many challenges the coronavirus has put on our society. The hackathon was organised by volunteers from the Norwegian tech and startup community, and was split into three categories – Save Lives, Save Communities and Save Businesses.

Winning teams set out to help the world

In this Norwegian edition, we saw several great ideas and solutions come to life. In the Save Lives category, the winner was 3D Printers against COVID19, using 3D print technology to print protective visors to be worn by essential healthcare professionals. In the Save Communities category, the winner was Omkrets, an app dedicated to making grocery shopping safe during the crisis by allowing people to pre-book a time slot for when they can visit the store of their choice. The winner of the final category, Save Businesses, was Project Wham where consumers can buy virtual gifts to friends and family from their favourite businesses to use when the crisis is over.

The Global Hack – Easter 2020

The concept of Hack The Crisis has been done in several other countries, and the original hackathon was hosted in Estonia earlier in March. Over Easter, a global version of Hack The Crisis will take place. The Global Hack commences on April 8th, maybe you can attend?

We are very excited to see the results this global event brings as it is a known fact that crisis drives innovation. Best of luck to all participants from us at Finstart Nordic.

About the author

Heidi is the Marketing Coordinator at Finstart Nordic where she works with content creation and marketing activities.