Finstart Nordic Welcomes its first Danish Board Member

Lotte Marschall - photo

As Finstart Nordic aims to be present in all Nordic countries, the search for board members from the other Nordic countries has been a priority. Now, we are confident we have found the perfect Danish representative to help Finstart Nordic reach its ambitions – please give a warm welcome to Lotte Fløe Marschall.

Impressive background

Lotte has a background from the finance sector and has worked within technology and consulting in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the US. Despite her education as an actuary, she chose to work close to the market rather than in the back office. She was a technology and process consultant in Accenture for 5 years, then partner in Willis Denmark for 7 years responsible for business development. At Willis she, amongst other things, worked closely with LEGO on a project defining a preventive care programme to reduce employee sickness and disability claims and thereby reduced insurance costs.

She has also been the CEO of several growth companies before she started a professional board career 3 years ago. On a part-time basis, she works as a Business Angel for startups with a special focus on Fintech innovation.

Lotte Marschall - photo

A different approach to innovation

When asked why she wanted to join the Finstart Nordic Board Lotte answered: “I think Sparebank 1 SR-Bank’s vision of building the bank of tomorrow with inspiration from innovative startups is very interesting especially because their ‘startup factory’ Finstart Nordic is a separate company outside of the bank”. This separation is important as it “enables the innovation to happen fast and without delays of the day-to-day business and customer service which is and should be the primary focus of the bank” Lotte explains. 

Finstart Nordic Head of Lab, Cathrine Movold explains the relationship between Finstart Nordic and Sparebank 1 SR-Bank as “we are an independent operational unit trusted to run our own business in line with the strategic mandate given to us by SR. We have our own team and own budgets”. New board member Lotte views this trust given to Finstart Nordic “as super powerful and illustrates that the bank is willing to break the tradition and the typical image of banks being conservative and slow on innovation”.

Bright future

We are very excited to see Lotte in our board meetings and to draw upon her experiences when making future decisions for Finstart Nordic. Lotte is equally excited and says that “I look forward to assisting Finstart Nordic where my experience can come into play and hopefully contribute to success from a board position”.

About the author

Heidi is the Marketing Coordinator at Finstart Nordic where she works with content creation and marketing activities.