PropTech platform simplifying and digitizing property letting

MyRent uses technology to bring simplicity and transparency to a traditionally complicated and analogue industry – property letting. The founding team behind MyRent has comprehensive experience within properties, and in 2012, they asked themselves an important question; wouldn’t modern technology make the process simpler? The answer was yes, and MyRent with its responsive cloud-based platform for property letting was developed and founded.

MyRent proudly states that its platform includes everything you need for property letting. It gives property managers an overview and easy access to all tenants, invoices, income, debt collection, changes due to the consumer price index and termination of leasing contracts. In addition to making life easier for the property managers, MyRent makes the customer journey for tenants safer, faster and easier by offering automatic online payments available through the tenants preferred online payment system – either through a bank account or a credit/debit card.

The market agrees, MyRent has come to stay

Each month 35MNOK is invoiced through MyRent’s cloud-based platform. In the last four years, MyRent has experienced impressive growth showing that a completely digital experience, from the signing of a contract to its termination, was welcomed with open arms in the property leasing industry.

CEO of RTA Eiendom, Ragnar Andreas Wormdahl, is one of the many satisfied customers of MyRent. Wormdahl states that “after implementing the MyRent platform, we gained control of outstanding invoices in all of our projects, acquired information and data on all properties and clients and automated several aspects of our day-to-day operations”. The MyRent platform has also centralised all customer data as well as automating and digitising the previously cumbersome debt collection process.

Prosperous future

The business model MyRent bases itself on is a free version for retail customers, and paid versions for businesses and enterprises with 10 or more leasing objects – making MyRent one of the most affordable platforms for businesses dealing with property leasing. Finstart Nordic are certain that the digitalisation MyRent offers within property leasing is the future. The platform always uses state-of-the-art technology as MyRent is in continuous development and takes suggestions given by its customers very seriously. 

Finstart Nordic is excited to take an active role in helping MyRent into its next phase of development by providing funding, co-creation and full access to our team of experts. With the backing of Finstart Nordic, the company will be able to explore the synergy between PropTech and Fintech. This support, in addition to the extensive experience and domain knowledge the MyRent team already possesses, makes us certain that MyRent has a bright future ahead.

The comprehensive industry knowledge and experience MyRent possesses combined with our help makes me certain that MyRent has a bright future ahead.

David Baum, CEO Finstart Nordic