An all-digital platform for smart investments

Founders Anders Hartmann, David Harboe, and Michael Albrechtslund describe as an investment revolution. With their all-digital platform, they aim to help customers avoid high charges from banks and other investment advisors.

The platform automatically invests money in numerous carefully selected ETFs. This way, customers get a diversified, low-cost solution which always follows the market.

Finstart Nordic invested in 2019, believing that can change the future of investments. In the first six months of 2019, proved that they had come to stay by showing great progress in all of its portfolios. The returns after costs were fulfilling, and in the first six months of 2019, the return reached 12% at the highest. business model is built upon two simple pillars. One being that you cannot beat the market, while the other being that it is very expensive trying to beat the market. Research shows that 9 out of 10 investment professionals does not beat the market which does not leave much hope for private investors. Moreover, the cost of investing is usually very high – up to 2-3% in total yearly cost. 

Changing the way we invest

By helping its customers invest their money wisely through index funds they secure good returns at a low cost. In 2019, also launched a Responsible Portfolio (ESG). It offers a way for customers to be sure that their investments will not benefit those who cause harm to the earth and society through for example weapons or heavy environmental pollution. 

Going forward will work on improving its platform with the goal of introducing it to new markets. is completely transparent, with no hidden costs, and we tell you everything exactly as it is

Anders Hartmann, CEO