Digitizing the legal industry

Justify aims to make legal services accessible to all with an all-digital platform. “Our goal is to help people avoid conflicts within families and close relationships by providing an easy to use solution to safely deal with the legal need most people will meet during a lifetime.” states co-founder and CEO, Dag Josef Foss.

With its technology, Justify has developed a new model for delivery of legal services – making it better and easier at a lower price for retail customers to understand their legal options and make better choices during important life decisions. The technology is scalable, and chairman of Finstart Nordic Glenn Sæther expect Justify to increase its value drastically in the coming years.

“We will service a large volume of retail costumers who in today’s legal market feels traditional legal services is not for them”

– CEO, Dag Josef

The technology from Justify opens up a new market without competitors to prevent its growth. Today, only 10% of the population write a will while research shows that most people should. Justify complements rather than competes with traditional law firms, and the feedback from traditional law firms has been exclusively positive according to CEO Foss.

Justify employees sindre marinero, anett ravndal, dag josef foss - photo

Only the beginning

The traditional legal industry is slowly starting to change, and in 2019, after input from Justify, the Norwegian parliament passed a bill making it possible to create valid wills using a digital signature. When inaugurated the new regulations will improve the user experience for services offered by Justify considerably.

We have only just seen the beginning of the digitalization of the legal industry

Glenn Sæther, President of Finstart Nordic Board